Health is not personal

The absolute worst thing the diet and fitness industry did, besides try to shove health into a marketable formula but use these formulas to disconnect us from ourselves and the very practices, people, and world that we desperately need to live and be healthy. 

We have literally bought into the idea that health is a very individual thing and everyone is “different”. In fact, the marketing of health as a uniquely individual program has created more chaos and confusion that has, without a doubt, helped to create the epidemics of loneliness, depression, anxiety, diet-related disease and unnatural relationships with food, exercise, and our own bodies. LISTEN TO ME. WAKE UP! You don't need a mindfulness app to use your brain and see that as individual health has plummeted, so has the health of our relationships, communities, and world.

Think about it! If the prescription for health makes us disconnect, sever our relationships and pull up our bootstraps to go it alone, then our health will fail not just physically but mentally, emotionally, relationally and spiritually.

For anyone to believe or pay for a personalized health program is absurd. It goes against everything that we as human beings are and everything we as human beings need to be healthy. Yes, we are all human beings and the very word "health" means "whole". Our health is reflected in all things and determined by all things. If health was purely an individual matter, right, and choice, then as individuals we would not only need absolute control, power, wisdom and sovereignty but so would everyone else. And since all that is impossible, and we are designed to live dependent on our world and our neighbor, how could we ever live as we are designed to give hope, truth, love or empathy to help our family, friends, and neighbor, if we are all living in our customized and individualized health formulas. 

Health can never entirely be practiced by an individual, because it is connected to our daily lives, where we live, the air we breathe, the food we grow and buy, the churches we attend, the schools where we learn and with the people we like, love and even hate. Our very own health foundation is built and continually strengthened in a community where we are known and accepted, grow and develop, fail and succeed, learn and mature. We must remember that we will only be as healthy as our relationships, communities and world because health is not an individual choice, it is part of a whole community practicing love, truth, care and compassion.

It is never too late to remember who we are and how we are designed to be healthy and whole. There is still time for all of us to return to a practice of health that includes all things. To redeem health and restore the practice of health, we must return to the basics of being human and being part of whole.