Health Reformation: Vive's 95 Theses

Despite all the information, diets, exercise programs, hacks, apps, tips, gyms, trainers, dieticians, doctors, hospitals, experts and gurus, we are suffering at epidemic levels of physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and relational breakdown, sickness and disease. The epidemic of bad results from our fragmented approach to health and wellness are evidence that it is well past is time for a completely different way to "do" health. They say "truth sets you free" and I do believe that only truth can set us free from the lies that keeps us sick and broken down, and it is only truth that will set us free to know and accept who we are and how we are naturally designed to be healthy.  In the spirit of reformation and in the quest for restoration, I am nailing my 95 theses to the doors of the health and wellness industry.

  1. Nearly 4 in 10 U.S. adults are obese and 70 percent of all Americans are either overweight or obese.

  2. Obesity is also plaguing 18.5% of Americas youth. By the age of 10, 100% of kids raised on the Standard American Diet are in the first stage of atherosclerosis.

  3. Diet-related disease and sickness, such as heart disease, cancer, and type 2 diabetes, are the leading causes of death in the U.S.

  4. One in 10 Americans now takes an antidepressant medication and one in four women in their 40s and 50s.

  5. We are a nation in despair. U.S. suicide rates have reached a 30-year high.

  6. We are a nation in pain, 2 million Americans had a substance use disorder involving prescription pain relievers and 591,000 had a substance use disorder involving heroin.

  7. We are a lonely nation, 20 to 43 percent of American adults over age 60 experienced frequent or intense loneliness and as a predictor of early death, loneliness eclipses obesity.

  8. We are a nation leaving organized religion, 65 percent of churches have plateaued or declining in attendance.

  9. We are a nation unhappy in our workplaces, Employee unhappiness and disengagement costs companies in the U.S. $450-550 billion a year.

  10. We are a nation experiencing the epidemic results of ignorance, emptiness, misdiagnosis, disconnection and fragmented thinking.

  11. Confusion exists because experts push products, programs, procedures and pills.

  12. Greed governs the food, diet, fitness and healthcare industries.

  13. Misdiagnosis is the root cause of most health problems.

  14. Many healthcare providers are just as unhealthy as their patients.

  15. Experts and gurus push down common sense to market their opinions and products.

  16. We are being diagnosed and delivered by industries that are built to make money.

  17. Doctors aren’t trained to prevent sickness and disease, they treat it.

  18. Hospitals need sick people.

  19. Most doctors have nominal nutritional training and the same goes for the celebrity, chefs, diet and exercise spokespersons that dominate mass media airwaves.

  20. We are a nation suffering from an epidemic of physical breakdown and injury.

  21. Doctors would rather replace hips, and knees than help us prevent the breakdown.

  22. We would rather go on a diet and be told what to do, than to use our own brains.

  23. We are being crushed by an overwhelming amount of conflicting and confusing information from advertisers wearing white coats, bikinis, spandex and spray tans.

  24. The diet and fitness industry needs us to be on a do better and try harder treadmill.

  25. Health does not fit into a diet formula.

  26. Exercise programs do not change people.

  27. Control, discipline and portion sizes are not the answer to our health problems.

  28. Our bodies reflect an internal reality of boredom, sadness, confusion, chaos, malnutrition, inflammation and emptiness.

  29. Stress is the result of unhealthy habits and a lack of rest, restoration, nutrition, movement and the lack of an honest response to our real issues.

  30. What we eat and how we train has become an identity.

  31. Bad things happens when we try to change people from the outside-in with results-based formulas and programs.

  32. When we can be reduced to a result, then we can be controlled by a formula.

  33. Formulas go against our design and do not satisfy the needs that we have as living, breathing, thinking, feeling, moving and relating human beings.

  34. We have forgotten who we are and how we are naturally designed to be healthy.

  35. Human beings already have everything they need to be whole and to practice health.

  36. We can trust our design and move out in faith to nourish our spirits, hearts, minds and bodies with all of life’s gifts to fully experience and enjoy life.

  37. By teaching truth, we can help people respond to their needs as a whole person.

  38. Health begins with truth, love and rest.

  39. Routines and practice are the keys to basic health and wellness; and successful sports careers.

  40. Change must start from the top down to make systematic changes from the bottom up.

  41. Health is not just a food issue or a body issue, it is a relationship issue.

  42. We have to allow truth and love lead us to approaching our health differently.

  43. How we approach food is determined by how we feel and how we feel is determined by us knowing who we are.

  44. Physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and relational health are interdependent, interrelated and interconnected.

  45. The practice of health is so much more than eating, drinking, supplementing and exercising. It is taking great care to nourish our spirits, hearts and minds with truth and love. It is learning to trust the mystery of our whole design, instead of throwing part of ourselves into a formula and demanding a result.

  46. We need to return to the basics, remember the truth and restore our connection with sun, fresh air, movement, good feelings and fun.

  47. We desperately need to remember simple truths not overwhelming amounts of information.

  48. We desperately need to practice presence rather than reduce ourselves to post of social media.

  49. We need intimacy not accountability.

  50. We need people not programs.

  51. We need friends not formulas.

  52. We need to be encouraged and not tracked.

  53. We do not have to work progressively harder to be healthy.

  54. Walking is a perfect exercise but most people sit, stand and walk incorrectly.

  55. By not walking correctly, we are constantly breaking down our bodies and straining our internal systems.

  56. Diets make us focus on food.

  57. We don’t need different diets according to our blood type, body type and genetic makeup.

  58. We do not have to piece together a daily nutritional profile

  59. Getting more protein has not made us thinner or healthier.

  60. The lack of fiber is destroying our health.

  61. Eating is not a game, food are not points and we cannot start over till we stop playing games.

  62. We can eat fruit, vegetables, whole grains, nuts or leafy greens without restriction.

  63. Plant proteins are perfectly proportioned.

  64. We need to drink more water but we don’t need to carry around jugs of it.

  65. Of course, sugar is addictive.

  66. Eating non nutritious foods keeps us hungry and makes us overweight.

  67. We are not getting enough sun or sleep.

  68. Crossfit is where bigger and better does not necessarily translate to healthier and more balanced, or a better athlete.

  69. Yoga was not designed to be a workout but a practice.

  70. Just moving is not the answer.

  71. When we cannot sit, stand or walk correctly, then we cannot correctly squat, jump or run.

  72. Surely, we aren’t still smoking and drinking soft drinks.

  73. There is no such thing as a healthy menu from a fast food restaurant.

  74. Willful ignorance is why we are still eating processed meats.

  75. People pimping nutritional hacks are lacking nutritional wisdom.

  76. We will never be healthy if we are filling in our huge nutritional gaps with hacks, supplements and processed shakes.

  77. We are jeopardizing our long term health by allowing calorie intake to determine what we eat.

  78. Veganism doesn’t always mean nutritious.

  79. Most gym workouts are a waste of time.

  80. Corrective shoes are just a bandaid to the physical breakdown in your butt, hips, knees and ankles.

  81. Our bodies are designed to be strengthened and stretched with everyday movement.

  82. The biggest stress on your knee is your weight and the way you walk, sit and stand.

  83. The biggest stress on your back is your weight and the way you walk, sit and stand.

  84. Shouldn’t you return to the basics and a baseline of good health, before you pop a pill?

  85. Training does not always translate into being a better athlete.

  86. Young athletes need more skill practice and less workouts.

  87. There is a huge difference between training for a sport, training for crossfit, training to be stronger, training for speed, training for size and exercising to be healthy.

  88. Post workout calorie after burn is minimum.

  89. Changing your metabolism is a myth.

  90. It is very hard to gain muscle.

  91. Sorry guys, seafood is one of the most contaminated food sources (and don't even get me started on chicken).

  92. You do not burn as many calories as your fitness app or watch says.

  93. Technology disconnects us from listening and understanding our own selves.

  94. Plant-based eating should set you free to eat without restrictions.

  95. We will stop using food, exercise, social media, drugs and ourselves as a means to an end and we will solve our epidemics of obesity, diet-related disease, addiction, loneliness and disconnection, when we can rest and remember know who we are and how we are naturally designed to be healthy and Vive.