Who are you listening to?

Advice detached from love, truth and an intimate relationship is easy to market, sell and consume; and it even tastes good but does little to provide the deep nourishment we desperately need to live as we are designed, to be healthy human beings, to be a healthy humans doing, to discover our talents and skills, to courageously follow our call and to trust the process of life. Consuming too much advice leads to confusion, malnourishment and can even distract us from the truth we desperately need to grow and flourish.

I would have liked to say that I have never been much of an advice taker but when I look back over my life, it’s easy to see I followed a lot of advice and trusted a lot of people, doctrines, industries and institutions to tell me who I was and what I should do with my spirit, heart, mind and body. I cringe when I think about how easy I accepted advice and followed advice that was disconnected from truth and love. I cringe even more, when I think about how much advice I gave detached from love and truth, and an intimate relationship.

Think about where advice comes from and how we so easily trust people we do not know and who do not know us to tell us what to do. Think about how easy we have allowed industries, institutions, mass media and celebrities to dictate what we do, how we fell, what we think and who we are. We have allowed deep access to our spirits, hearts, minds and bodies without the commitment, concern, care and compassion that only comes through real relationships.

Take a moment and consider the deep relationship that is needed to give and receive truth and love. Now, think about what kind of relationship is needed to market and consume advice; and why we allow all these people to give us advice, who do not know or love us. There was a time where I realized that desperately needed truth and love. Yet, the relationships I had, only allowed for advice that was disconnected from the intimate relationships. I was lost, because I was disconnected from wise people where truth and love is in living, breathing, listening, asking, looking and moving.

Advice is pithy, marketable and quite popular but it is empty, distracting and lazy. It distracts us from really investing ourselves, our time, and energy in relationships where we can give and receive help, hope and encouragement. Advice keeps us from remembering who we are and how we are naturally designed to be encouraged, educated, inspired, guided and cared for in real relationships with real people.

Great things come from truth and love. Amazing things come from a community of men and women who commit to care for one another, and who take the time to be together and love each other. We can create the space to remember who we are and how we are naturally designed to become our best selves through the receiving and giving of love and truth. We can cleanse ourselves from all this contradicting advice and create the space for truth, love and the friendships we are designed for and need to be healthy, whole and human.