Health is the practice of love and truth.

There are NO formulas to living a happy, healthy, successful and full life but there are truths that can and will guide us, just like they have guided anyone willing to be more than consumers and who want more than what the consumeristic culture is selling.

Please allow me the space to remind you that you my friend are made for more. These truths we need to be, become and live are already living in, around and through us. Perhaps, we just need to be reminded that there are no formulas that will result in love, hope, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness and self-control but… there is love and there is truth and together they can set us free to live these crazy, amazing and mysterious lives that we are without a doubt designed to live.

What a beautiful day to celebrate love! Every day the sun comes up, we should know the truth that love celebrates us. Together, we can create the space to help each other remember the truth that we desperately need to receive each day to become the gift of love and truth that we are designed and destined to be.

So, I am asking, Will you create the space to be with me for a hot second so that I can remind of a few truths?”.

Take a deep breath and remember that today is a gift that we have been given to experience, discover and enjoy, and to do so requires our presence. It also requires our participation in breathing, listening, asking, looking and moving to position ourselves for more. 

We are given a daily invitation to look up and be reminded that we are loved. I want you to remember that you are the most amazing gift that you have been given and that you can give. Go outside and surround yourself with beauty to remind you what beauty looks like and to see that same beauty is in you. Listen to the sounds of nature and the silence and allow truth to fill your ears and nourish your imagination. Breathe in the free gift of life and love, and be inspired to give that gift away. Give yourself the nutrients that you need and are designed to receive to remember that you are beautifully and wonderfully made. Last but not least, move to give yourself to your neighbor to help them remember that life cannot be lived alone in formulas but must be a gift shared and enjoyed in relationships.

To be healthy is to be whole and to be whole requires the space to rest and remember that we are made for something infinitely more… we are made for love.

DeeAnn Bower