All we do is built on a lie or it is built on truth.

Lies paralyze us. They keep us living in darkness, controlled by fear, chained to our distractions, imprisoned in our false-selves and suffering the consequences of their destruction. Regardless of the size, shape or color, a lie offers the illusion of control and the promise of a better and easier way. Perhaps, by this point we have grown numb to the lies that we tell ourselves and that we have been told. Or maybe, the lies aren’t just a piece of forbidden fruit promising equality with God but the lies have been supersized and have become an all-powerful and all-knowing super smoothie that pushes God right out of the picture and sets us at the top of our own universe.

You may be asking, “What does lies or truth have to do with who we are or how we are designed to eat and live, and how does any of this determine our health?” I believe that it has everything to do with not only how we are designed to eat and live, but how we are designed to breathe, listen, ask, look[…]”

Excerpt From: DeeAnn B. “Let Food Be Thy Gift.” DeeAnn Bryan Bower, 2018. iBooks.