Break Free Of Diets

Unfortunately, we all have learned enough fragmented information from “experts” to make us quite ignorant about how we’re naturally designed to be healthy. In fact, we have repeatedly been sold a weight loss formula that has produced an epidemic of diet-related disease and sickness. 

I want you to hear me say this, "You have been sold a broken health formula that has set you up to fail and then blamed and shamed you for its failure. This is not your fault". You have simply trusted the "experts" and they have led you into a very profitable industry that keeps you on a weight loss treadmill, taking pills, drinking powders, eating crumbs, doing some very ridiculous workouts and feeding you massive amounts of misinformation.

We are now so tired and full of misinformation that we have no room for the truth that we already have everything we need to be healthy and that our health is in our hands, our hearts, our minds, our spirits, our relationships and our world. Yet, the mistake we keep being encouraged to make is trying to piece together our health instead of trying to live where we are and connect with the truth that lives inside of us, the neighbor and creature around us, the beauty that surrounds us and the love that flows through us to make us healthy and whole.

At Vive, we believe that health is not a result or destination and there's no formula or program that can make us healthy. Rather, health is a living, breathing and organic process that cannot happen without community, care, connection, common sense, and practice. In fact, education, imagination, willingness, and memory are not only necessary for health but part of a synergistic and mysterious transformational process.

Learning where you can find real research is vital. Being willing to look for truth is the only way to restore trust in simple things like whole foods, walking, sunshine, sleep, love and truth. There are no hacks to health. When we remember how to nourish our whole-person with whole things, then we will restore our daily practice of health. 

Yes, how we eat and exercise is reflected, connected and inspired by everything we are and believe. It is a spiritual practice as much as it is a mental, emotional, physical and relational practice. Our hearts, minds, spirits and bodies are mysteriously connected and our health/wholeness not only determines our relational health but is dependent on it. We are not designed to be changed from the outside-in. Instead, we are designed to be transformed from the inside-out. Wholeness/ Health does not start with eating and exercising but with truth and love that sets us free to remember who we are and how we are designed to be healthy.

Discover a new way to “do health” by rediscovering an old truth of how you are designed to be healthy.