Information alone cannot change our health

‪Information alone will never give us what we need to become healthy. To be healthy is to be whole and to be whole requires the nourishment of our whole-person, that includes our spirits, hearts, minds, bodies and relationships. Information is a small piece of what we need to be whole-person healthy. Information is not education. Education does not just inform us but it creates a space for more. It helps to reveal our truths, talents and skills, while it flames the embers of creativity, passion and desire. Education helps to create knowledge but knowledge is not wisdom. Wisdom is the free gift that flows from our experience, strength, hope, knowledge and truth. ‬It is a gift we freely give and receive.

For transformation to happen, we need the space for personal alchemy.  Information, education and knowledge can help to create the willingness and space that we need for our truths, experience, strength and hope to produce wisdom. Only wisdom can transform our choices, habits and lives. We CAN participate in transformation by creating the space to be known and accepted, which means we must be honest and give truth a chance to open our hearts and minds; and set us free to live the way are designed.

DeeAnn Bower