You Are Made For More.

Are we tired of trying to twist and change ourselves and our spirits, hearts, minds, bodies and relationships with all these ridiculous formulas that reduce us to a variables and frgament our very person? Can we get to the point that we stop trying to control and manipulate everything to get a “guaranteed” result and we go the opposite direction; and we start to nourish ourselves and give ourselves the space, time energy to become a healthy human being; and live how we are designed to grow naturally and to nourish every part of ourselves equally?

Almost 5 years ago, I started thinking about health differently, because I was so tired of all of it. I had lived my whole life in formulas. I was always calculating, measuring, comparing and doing exactly what I was told to get the best results. So, after one the best formula runs that I ever had and getting the best results that I had ever gotten. I stopped. Seriously, I literally stopped and sat down. I stopped dieting and working out, because I wanted to see what my body look would like without me trying to control it and manipulate it. I stopped telling my heart what it was and was not allowed to feel. I stopped telling my mind what to think, because I wanted to see what would happen to my heart if I listened to it and what my mind could become if I filled it up with what was excellent, true and beautiful. I wanted to see how my relationships would evolve if I nourished them the same way I was nourishing myself. I wanted to see who I was, when all the voices and rules and advice were removed. I wanted to see who I would become if I just started loving and nourishing myself really well. I wanted my spirit to move out love and not out of fear.

I created a space for love and truth, because I desperately wanted to remember what love and truth looked like, tasted like, smelled like, sounded like and felt like.

Guess what happened? It worked. Love found me and I remembered the truth of who I was and how I was designed to be human. I discovered wholeness, health and healing. I was set me free from the lies that constantly judged, poked and prodded me to reduce myself to something that would fit into the world of consumerism. I stopped competing and comparing, because I was cleansed from all the annoying motivation, mantras, coach talk, self-talk and voices in my head that kept telling me I had to do more, be more and produce more.

In this process of remembering and restoration, I was brought to the realization that I don’t want to fit in the diet, workout, journal, box, body, swimsuit, post, photo, socks or underwear that the industries have made for me. ( I know that was a lot there to digest in one sentence, and really I stopped wearing socks. I am a non conformists…And, that was an Albert Einstein quote aboute socks, which you probably didn’t get but just keep going with it, and I will explain later.)

Here’s a thing about true-self discovery, it may happen that you figure out what you don’t want before you can figure out what you do want. Sometimes you are able to clearly decide what you don’t want, because you either had it before or there’s a lot of people you know who has it, done it, continues to do it and you can see that it does nothing to make them happy, healthy or whole, and you don’t want what they have or what they have become. In my metamorphosis process, I have discovered what I don’t want and what I want, and I thought I would share it with you thinking that it’s perfectly ok to want and not want these things too.

- I don’t want to have a six pack abs, because I know what it takes to get six pack abs. I know six pack abs aren’t natural and they don’t make all your dreams come true. I also know how much disconnect it requires and rejection of yourself to just be a body and sacrifice yourself, your time, and your energy. All this sacrifice for what? Abs? Seriously who cares. I don’t want the body that requires an unnatural amount of time in the gym.

- No I don’t want to be pretty. What is pretty anyways? Remember the saying, just another pretty face. Thanks to filters, surgeries, fillers, lashes, Botox and makeup, we can all be just another pretty face. How boring!! Let me be a real life, honest, breathing and struggling person. Let me be alive, messy, tear soaked, live lived and worn out human being.

- Perfection, what a joke, like that’s even a lie we ponder. God knows I gave up the lie of perfection a long time ago.

- Success? Who defines that for you? Whoever does, will be the one who controls you. Take a moment and fill in the blanks to the world’s formula for success. “If I do _______, then I will get (these results)”. This formula will enslave you and have you tinkering with the dumbest crap for years as the truth, love, hope and joy, that you desperately need to grow, live and flourish, die. No more tinkering and no more formulas.

What I do want...

- I want to be beautiful, I want to be a place of rest, love and truth. Being healthy, whole, and a real live human being is beautiful. Being vulnerable, sensitive, fragile, needy, weak, transparent, desperate and completely dependent on divine love is the most beautiful. Living how we are designed and nourishing ourselves well is BEAUTIFUL!

- I want to be a good neighbor to you. I want to encourage you to remember who you are and how you are naturally designed to be full of love, truth and good things. I want you to become the best human being and the healthiest human being you know. I want you to care as much about your spirit, heart and mind, as you do about your body and I want you to care about your body, spirit, heart and mind, as you do about your phone.

- I want to really experience and enjoy this life. I want to be looking up and not down at my phone. I want to live in the moment and breathe it all in, listen to every sound, ask the needed questions, look to find the nourishment that is being given and then moving to pour all of my healthy self into my neighbor.

I want you to want more. I want to know you are made for more. I want you to be loved and known, honored and accepted, and overflowing with truth, beauty and hope. This is your life. This is your health. This is your opportunity to become the most amazing person you are designed to be and live the life you are designed to live. You already have everything you need to Breathe, Listen, Ask, Look and Move the way you are designed. All you need is surround yourself with courageous truth tellers, who help you remember what love and truth looks like, smells like, taste like, sounds like and feels like.

I am here to help you remember.

Love- DeeAnn