Aren’t we tired of being diagnosed? How many times have we been diagnosed in order for someone to deliver us with their programs and formulas that are guaranteed to fix us, change us, help us and save us...if only they can control us enough to buy whatever they are selling? You are fat, here is a diet. You need six pack abs, here is a workout. You need peace, here is a meditation app. You are depressed, here are some pills. A diagnosis is useful because it tells us what's wrong with us, and that we need to be delivered, and they of course are the only one who can deliver us for the right price.

Every day we are being diagnosed and every day we are being offered thousands of delivery programs and formulas that promise the perfect body, the perfect health, the perfect stress level, the perfect home, the perfect kids, the perfect marriage, the perfect skin, the perfect closet, the perfect vacation and ultimately the perfect life. Given the availability and "proven results" of all these delivery programs, how many people have achieved the perfect life or having completed the delivery program was[…]”

Excerpt From: DeeAnn B. “Let Food Be Thy Gift.” DeeAnn Bryan Bower, 2018. iBooks.