Health is the practice of wisdom

Information alone will never give us what we need to be healthy. To be healthy is to be whole and to be whole requires the nourishment of our whole-person, which includes our spirits, hearts, minds, bodies and relationships. Correct information is just one piece of the process that we need to be whole-person healthy and it is necessary for educating but information is not education. Education informs us and creates a space for more. Education and educators helps to evolve our talents and skills while they flame the embers of imagination, creativity, passion and desire.

Education helps to connect the internal and external pieces as it creates knowing. One result of education is knowledge but knowledge is not wisdom. Wisdom is the free gift that we give and receive as we move to give our time, talents and truth to love, encourage and educate others. Wisdom is tangible and it flows, fills and moves to heal, help and make whole, make healthy.

Stop reducing who you are and your health to diets and workouts. Rediscover how to open your spirit, heart, mind and hands to truth and love to create the space for wisdom and become the healthy person you are designed to be. Join us in Vive to remember that your health is not only in your hands but in your spirit, heart and mind.