No Opportunities Without Responsibility

My hope is to daily awaken our souls to the giving and receiving of truth and love that naturally raises a higher level of consciousness and lower level of consuming. Until we accept the responsibilities that we have been given, then we will be unable to receive the opportunities that responsibility creates.

We have a responsibility to create, build and sustain practices, routines, systems, structures, organizations, economies, conversations, relationships and languages that promote, encourage, inspire, enables and educates all human beings of our collective responsibilities to the health of ourselves, our neighbor, our communities and our world.

Only the simple and ordinary practices of truth and love have the divine power to transform the epidemics of loneliness, addiction, diet-related disease, chronic sickness, obesity, ignorance, soil degradation and cultural division that are devastating our lives, communities and world.

What can we do? We can create the space to rest and remember who we are and how we are naturally designed to be and live.






Together we can choose the practice of truth and love and let go of participating in fragmented systems that refuse to take responsibility for the health of our neighbors, our communities and our world.