Health happens when there is trust

Look around at the results of what is being produced by the programs and formulas, Look at what we have been taught to value and the definitions of success that we are encouraged to practice. Look at what competition, consumerism and control has produced in our cultures, communities, families and individual selves.

Do you think we have forgotten who we are and how we are designed to be living, breathing, thinking and feeling creatures who live in a living, breathing, thinking and feeling world with other living, breathing, thinking and feeling creatures. Given our fragmented approach to life, do you think we have forgotten order, progression, rhythm, flow and why we need to religiously practice the same routines. Thanks to a billion dollar diet and fitness industry, we have been paralyzed by misinformation and we have lost a common understanding that health is not a result but a daily practice of nourishing our spirits, hearts, minds, bodies and relationships with the basics.

The “health and wellness” industry has created so much fear and unrest with their marketing campaigns and weight-loss formulas that most people do not trust their bodies. Instead of knowing who we are and how we are designed to be healthy, we are primed to live in fear just waiting for our bodies to betray us. All the while we do the very things that prime our bodies for sickness and disease. Do you think that your body has betrayed you? Or have you betrayed your body?

We are not designed to live in fear. We cannot have a relationship without trust and to be healthy we must have healthy relationships with ourselves, others and our world. Healthy relationships cannot be built on competition and consumption but can only be built on love and truth. 

Today, I am asking you to look up and look in and have an honest conversation with yourself. Are you healthy? Do you know what to do to nourish your whole-person? Are you tired, weary and confused? I am here to help you. I have created a place for you to find rest and restoration by remembering who you are and how you are designed to be healthy. Together we can help practice routines that have the power to transform our health as a whole and the trust we need to Vive.