When I say diets don’t work, I do not mean that diets don’t work to help you lose weight. There’s thousands of before and after pictures, personal testimonies and evidence that diets can help people with weight loss. All diets are scientific weight loss formulas designed to create a caloric deficiency. Given enough blood, sweat and tears anyone can diet and lose weight. When diets don’t work for you, the truth is that you didn’t work hard enough to diet. The blame, guilt and shame of not losing weight on a diet will always fall on the dieter because according to the diet and exercise industry, “Caloric deficiency is a guaranteed weight loss formula.”

When I say diets don’t work, I mean living, breathing, feeling and thinking human beings are not designed to be on diets. To reduce ourselves to just a body and to fragment the gift of food into calories, portions, fat grams, carbs and proteins is not only f &$@ed up, but it is also a guaranteed formula for poor health and a guaranteed way to struggle with weight long term.

See human beings are designed to be healthy and to be whole[…]”

Excerpt From: DeeAnn B. “Let Food Be Thy Gift.” DeeAnn Bryan Bower, 2018. iBooks.