Health Starts with Truth

We are experiencing an epidemic level of sickness, disease and breakdown in the midst of an economy that has more hospitals, doctors, health administrators, gyms, diet centers, information, hacks, superfoods, health tips, trainers, diets, workouts, bootcamps, wellness centers and access to food than ever before.

We have been misled. Health doesn’t start with a diet, workout, supplement, shake, medication, detox, herbs, super foods, the right information, mantras, meditation, mindfulness, coaches or experts. Health does not even start with a doctor. Health is not a result. There is no magic formula that you can “do” to transform your health.

To be healthy is to be whole. To be healthy it is to remember who we are and how we are designed as human beings to receive and give nourishment to our whole person. Health doesn’t start with what you do, It starts with who you are and how you feel. It’s starts with our truth. There is only one way to be healthy and you already have everything you need. My purpose is not to get you to trust me, it’s to help you trust yourself again and to remember your health is not just in your hands but in your spirit, heart, mind and relationships.

I know what it takes to be skinny. It means reducing yourself to a body and starving yourself. I know what it takes to build muscle. It means spending countless hours in the gym. I know what it takes to be healthy, it means breaking free from the billion dollar health industry and a bunch of talking heads and creating the space to breathe, listen, ask, look and move to know who you are and how you are naturally designed to be healthy, whole and human.