Health Restoration

Our mission is to reverse diet-related disease and sickness, improve community health and promote sustainable health systems that revive intuition, aptitude and health consciousness. In VIVE, we apply a comprehensive and systematic approach to address the root causes of poor health by identifying and meeting the basic needs of the human design that reside in the cultivation of the relationships with ourselves, our community and our world. Return the basics of self-care, self-recovery and health restoration.

  • Customized Packages

  • Restorative Process

  • Expert Guidance

  • Comprehensive approach

  • Easily integrated routines and practices

  • Vive’s Human Design Curriculum and Courses

  • Access to Physicians and Personalized Consultations




We work with our clients to bring an unmatched level of care and participation. Through the Vive Experience we are reshaping the way people practice health.


We are a complete service provider in all areas of infrastructure, collaboration and creation of innovative health solutions to help our clients address the health of their organizations. Through a comprehensive host of services, we work with businesses to optimize experiences and engagement opportunities for employees.


Rest and restoration are vital to counterbalance the stress and strain of work, relationships, travel and life’s demands. We help executives stop and rediscover the simple routines and practices that reestablish the personal foundation needed for rhythm, order and structure.


VIVE Alchemy™ is an integrative restoration process that guides you in remembering who you are and how you are designed to be healthy without diets, extreme exercising programs and endless amounts of rules, restrictions and information. Return to the basics of whole person health and rebuild a foundation of truth and understanding. Create and practice healthy routines that simultaneously nourish your whole person and give you rest. CLICK HERE FOR SERVICES


We believe healthy communities start with healthy people and by helping people become whole person healthy, our communities will change to reflect the people who live there. Vive works with communities to evaluate and create initiatives, infrastructure and the leadership needed for progressive growth and development.


The Vive curriculum helps to reestablish the foundation of truth and understanding that today’s youth need to become healthy adults. Proper education and a simple practice of health are the only way to stop the current epidemic of diet-related disease and sickness in our children. Learn how to integrate the Vive curriculum in your school.

Vive Entrepreneurial Community

Vive encourages and supports the establishment of an entrepreneurial community committed to the care and creation of products, ideas and businesses that positively impact the health of people and land. Our in-house business incubator provides the needed infrastructure, network and help to become Vive Health Consultants.

VIVE Exercise Routine

Lay the foundation of strength. mobility and flexibility.

  • VIVE is a restorative exercise class that brings together the foundational exercises needed to prevent, reverse and correct the physical breakdown that happens in the hip, knee, ankles, feet, legs, low back, neck and shoulders due to a weak butt and improper alignment.

  • The Vive Exercise Class teaches and retrains you to think about and do exercise differently.

  • VIVE is for all ages, genders and fitness levels who want to regain strength, flexibility and mobility by returning to the basics and remembering how we are all designed to move.

Prescribe VIVE

Building relationships with our medical professionals are imperative to transforming health on multiple levels. Prescribe Vive is our 2019 health initiative that revives spiritual, emotional, mental, physical and relational health with our simple Vive Self-Care Cycle.


We create content-rich experiences to restore health, strengthen relationships, and transform the habits, routines and practices necessary for personal and professional growth.

Corporate Partners and Sponsorships

Through relationships with like-minded businesses, we provide opportunities to show case products and services to connect with VIVE members through multiple platforms. Our partners not only help ensure outstanding member experience but also lend support by providing opportunities to our community to encourage a daily practice of whole person health and wholeness.

Original Content

We combine the art of health and the latest research with VIVE’s deep truths and growing presence to create original content for an increasing number of platforms and clients.

Vive Library

To return health is to remember the truth of who we are and how we are designed to be human. Information does not posses the power to transform our health, because health is wholeness and the practice of truth and love. Return to the basics and remember the truth of who you are and how you are naturally designed to be healthy, whole and human.